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A thrilling new book on U.S. Politics launched today:

Obama’s Administration Revealed

What happens if

  • The so called “most ethical administration” hires more than 100 lobbyist.
  • An administration that managed to increase Hispanics poverty by nearly 20% rather than reducing it as advertised.
  • Nobel Peace Laureate who authorized more drone bombs in his first year in office than George W. Bush’s entire Presidential Term.
  • A much heralded and sought-after health reform that when implemented ends up having the same percentage of uninsured than before the recent financial crisis.

These and many other facts are the grounds J.M. Malionn uses to build this revealing, thrilling and controversial book

The Five Oddities of the Obama Presidency

Just Published

Is it a fictional book, a political analysis, or maybe even a history book? Truth is, it’s all the above. A book based on hard and compelling researched data.

Entertaining for the general public, a tool for Democratic and Republican candidates alike. You will find this book worth reading and sharing with everyone.

Available from Amazone.com and other book stores.


A shocking and revealing analysis about Barack Obama, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, a Devotee of Government transparency, protector of the poor, immigrants, and the uninsured. Did his Administration live up to these values?

In 2023, J.M. and his beloved grandfather take a look back in time and lay out the facts in order for you to form your own opinion. No one can deny the influence of the data you will read within their engaging conversations. A well-documented book, written by J.M. Malionn in a distinctive, entertaining style, which will raise questions on whether reality coincides with what you may think is the truth.

About the Author JM Malionn

J.M. Malionn has been analyzing and dissecting corporate, economic and trade markets for thirty five years. After traveling and working around the globe, he has settled with his wife in a little corner of the world, and he is now devoted to observing and sharing with his readers his observations.

The series of Conversations between J.M. and Grandpa are straight to the point talks on today’s issues.

For any additional information contact the author J.M. Malionn at: jmmalionn@gmail.com

Book Website: www.thefiveodditiesofobamapresidency.com Author Website: www.jmmalionn.com

Social Media: Author Twitter: @JMMalionn  Book Twitter: @Obamas5Oddities


Buy @ Amazon.com The Five

Buy @ Amazon.com The Five






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