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Comparison between the two Presidents that handled the most recent economic crisis

The Gallup Presidential Job Approval Center has just released its latest data about President Barack Obama approval by U.S. citizens. The numbers are not good, but that is not what I would like to talk today.
I would like to compare presidential approval ratings for the two Presidents that have managed deep, recent economic crisis, Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan. Some would say it is not a fair comparison as they think the two economic crisis are not comparable.
If you read Chapter 4 of The Five Oddities of The Obama Presidency or the unemployment figures of Unemployment evolution under Obama and Reagan article, you may recall how deep the 1980s crisis was.
The numbers are quite odd indeed. Judge by yourself

President barack Obama Oddities Book -Comparison 1 President Barack Obama Oddities Book -Comparison 2 with President Ronald Reagan President Barack Obama Oddities Book -Comparison 3 with President Ronald Reagan

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The Five Oddities of the Obama Presidency

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